do you like old games??

i love playing old games playing age of empire 3 every days also classic mario they still fun to play ?

Yep! I don’t play them as much as I used to but once in awhile I’ll pull out an old game to play especially if I’m feeling very nostalgic. They are still fun to play.

Retro games are some of my personal favorites, so many classics that still play like butter to this day. Blaster Master for the NES, Sonic The Hedgehog, Donkey Kong, Streets of Rage, Crash Bandicoot, Metal Gear solid, and many more. Old games are also getting remastered more these days, so they’re made anew for those nostalgia purposes.

Do you have the Crash Bandicoot trilogy game for the PS4? I bought it because it’s been years since I played the first game on the original Playstation. Now you can play all 3 of the games on the PS4. Lots of fun!

I never played old games but the games from the @Zerk list seams interested. Maybe I will try one of them. I will let you know guys how was it ??

If you go from @Zerks list you should start with Donkey Kong and then Sonic the Hedgehog! Those games are super fun and will make the other games even more fun.

or try boomer man :wink:

You mean Bomber Man? If so, yes. I love Bomber Man. There are so many different versions of the game too.

What is your favorite version of Bomber Man? It has been ages since I’ve last played this game.

Yes, why not? Old classics are irreplaceable, they were the one’s to extend and enhance the gaming universe.

A game is considered old the day after it comes out. Has anyone thought of that? :smiley:

I love playing old video games. Some of my favorites are Pacman, Tetris, & Space Invaders. We’ve seen Arcades and many other businesses close during the pandemic, so I’ve resulted to playing Flash Versions to the title(s). It’s great to take a walk down memory lane

Why not? They were the foundation to all these new modern game. Talk about Super Mario, or even Red Alert.

I love old games the reason being they had no microtransactions and the foreced spending gates. So this was one of the reasons I prefer to play the old games. I think we need some of such games in todays time. That way we could be having more fun instead of worrying about gatekeeping and the ads that are in the game.

Old games are simpler and shorter. I play NES/SNES games and finish them in less than hour. Of course i still play old games its bring me back to my old childhood days which can never come back

It depends on the type of old game, I don’t play any how games, but i love the old version of age of empire, especially age of empire 3 and some soccer games.

The hold mario game and pack man are still my favourite, I still got them on my phone. Classic games are on demand and will forever be my favourite

Your bring back my old memories, I forgot to mention Mario games series. Me and my brother always fought for this game. We had only one PC and this game was installed on it. We fought for this game like hell

Lol, I had the same issue with my brother, he had more chance to play the game more than I did cos he was the youngest and I had to run errands and do stuff around the house before I could get a chance to play the game