Do you like Pokemon games

Do you like Pokemon games ? if yes which one do you like most. For me Pokemon Colosseum is best to be played on GameCube. When i was a kid i wish they would bring it back on the Switch. I spend hours to play it and break my own records

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Well sad to say but i don’t like Pokemon games or any series. I played it with my friends and they also don’t like it. We like action games and we only play MMO games. I don’t like cartoon games

I even managed to watch Pokémon animation and not to talk about playing Pokémon video games. It’s not among my preferred video games genre.

The only fun game for me was pokemon go, but I am not such a huge player or fan of pokemon so I enjoy only that one. I watched the anime but it always annoyed me tbh XD

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My friend likes collecting Pokémon cards and it really makes him very happy. He doesn’t joke with the game and he’s a big fan of Pikachu.

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For sure! i feel like no matter how much time has passed, those games never get old