Do you miss the Kinect at all?

Do you miss the Kinect at all? I thought it had the potential to be something unique, but they just could never figure out the best way of using it. I hear the hacker community loved playing around with the Kinect, as you could do some fun 3D modeling and other cool things. I could see that being a useful thing today, but I assume that webcams are pretty much defeating that purpose altogether, especially when software can likely figure out how to do fun things with it.

I think the Kinect had its perks, but for the $150 price tag at release, I don’t think it was ever worth it. What do you think?

Not really to be honest. Kinect was cool for a short while, but it wasn’t something I used enough. The games that came out for it were mostly awful. I played a few games as a workout, but I never put much money into games for it. Just never saw any need, and never found any of the games appealing.

I love this stuff and i still use it hooked up to my Xbox. I still remember when i come back from my school and throw my school bad away and sit in front of my Xbox to play with Kinect. It would be great if Microsoft improved the Kinect instead of abandoning it.

At first , it’s hype made me buy one , but then I realised eventually that it actually isn’t worth it. One could’ve spent 150 bucks on getting great games back then.

Ofcourse, I do miss it, used to play sports on it. Kinect is irreplaceable.