Do you own a good gaming PC?

Does anyone here own a good gaming PC. I got a cheap gaming PC a while back, and it gets the job done. Some games run slow or not at all, but I’m mainly interested in playing older games anyway. If you own a good quality gaming PC, what are the specs?

Here is my PC configuration

AMD Ryzen 9
16GB (8GBx2) DDR4/3000MHz Dual Channel Memory (ADATA XPG Z1)
AMD Radeon™ RX 5700 XT 8GB GDDR6 PCIe 4.0 [Navi]
512GB ADATA XPG ASX6000LNP PCIe NVMe + 3TB SATA III Hard Drive Combo

I think that this PC has a pretty good configuration and I am more then a happy.

Sadly I do not own a good enough PC to run anything these days. It stutters just watching Youtube videos. I’m hoping to upgrade to something modern soon, but money has been tight for me.

I completely understand you. I am still paying my monthly loan for this PC :frowning:

My PC is getting quite hold. Its 8 years old and I think its starting to die. When it does I want to get a way better gaming PC system. Any recommendations?

I have a pc but its not gaming. I can run lowest games like. Vice city, Gta 3. I just a simple pc. But my brother has a PS4 Console and both play multiplayer games on it.

I build my own gaming PC by watching YouTube Videos. I recommend you to watch videos and increase your knowledge. From my experience Ryzen
processor is the best for gaming and rendering videos

No, but I am planning to build a new one. Probably I’ll go for Ryzen Vega. Because it’s cheaper than Intel counterpart.
Though it may not allow me to play in high settings I’ll go for it as my budget won’t allow for bigger ones.

I am not agree. Ryzen processor is most expensive processor and it just surpass the intel. Ryzen’s cores a faster than any Intel processor. You’ll get good performance from Ryzen 5 compare to the i7 processor

Ok, thanks for replying.
I am going for Ryzen 5 with Vega graphics.

I own a pretty decent gaming rig. Here’s some basic specs:

AMD FX8150 8 core CPU @4.15 gigahertz
Nvidia Geforce GTX 960 w/ 4GB RAM
32GB DDR3 main RAM
2x500GB Samsung EVO SSD

Runs everything I’ve thrown at it so far.

32 GB of ram with DDR3 ?. Are you kidding me, I suggest you to get DDR4. because ddr3 can makes your games lag with such specification

How much did it cost?
Can you suggest the best configuration for 700-800 USD? Please

My motherboard doesn’t support DDR4. :frowning:

I didn’t buy it all at once. The 32GB ram was around $150 something. Video card like $200, SSDs were $100 each and the CPU was less than $200. Not sure on a setup. You could easily spend $500 on a nice video card! ? My motherboard was like $100 and then a nice sound card. So not too bad for your budget.

I was split between buying a powerful gaming PC or a power server for my hosting services. I took the latter.
But I still have gaming at heart, planning to buy one gaming PC soon. Hope the Core i9 processors will drop in prices, I would wish to build a gaming PC on it.

I haven’t had an issue so far…

As of now , no. I do hope tho to get one someday.

How much do Core i9 processors go for? I plan on buying a gaming pc too maybe on Black Friday.

Core i9 series 79##X will cost you between $999 - 1699
The Extreme Edition (XE) with 18cores/36 threads will set you back a whopping $1,999!