Do you prefer a mouse or a controller?

When you play video games, do you prefer using a mouse or a controller and why?
I prefer using a controller than a mouse as I’m more used to playing games with a controller. Playing a game with a mouse seems like it would be harder to do?

I’m always playing with the controller because it’s easier ??

Depends on the game. Sometimes a keyboard and mouse work better for FPS’s because you have more control and movement with your shooting. I’m used to using controllers too, but I got a new gaming PC a few months back and I’m getting used to using a mouse and keyboard. In some ways it’s so much easier to maneuver than using an actual controller.

I think I’m one of the few that still prefers playing PC games and using the mouse and keyboard. Maybe it’s because I grew up when that time it was more popular using that.

My hands get along with both so I don’t mind them both.

Mouse and Keyboard for most games, Controller for Souls series and some laid back games

Well , mouse works well for me.

Controller for FIFA but Mouse & Keyboard for shooting games

It depends on the user tho , but I’d say nothing can beat the XBox controller.