Do you think Nintendo will release a 4K Switch?

Rumors are swirling that Nintendo will be releasing a new version of the switch sometime early 2021. Many rumors state a new Switch is coming and it will boast better speeds and 4K resolution. I welcome this happening, as I would love to play games in 4K. This will also help draw in other studios to make games for the Switch. The switch has been getting more third party games, so it could be good to up that resolution to 4K to bring in more 3rd party studios.

Woah, Nintendo is coming out with a new version of the switch? So there’s going to be a PS5 and a new Switch coming in early 2021. Exciting times for the gaming world! Someday I may have to get a Nintendo gaming console as well.

Everything is trying to keep up with the times so Nintendo and all other gaming systems will most likely have their consoles ready for 4k, 8k TVS. They want to make the experiment more enjoyable for gamers.

Yeah, rumors are stating that Nintendo wants to make a 4K switch. Which makes sense with the PS5 and new Xbox coming out this November, they will have to jump into the fray soon enough, because people are going to start comparing the consoles soon enough, and the Switch isn’t capable of running the new stuff coming for the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

I don’t have a 4k tv so no need for me to get the 4k switch when it comes out. I’m happy with my current switch.

I think they may depending on if they have resources for it. As of now I honestly don’t think of nintendo as any premium console for the people. But with 4K device they may get into that category. And this will only make them a good sales item. Another thing is that there are other improvements are necessary before they release a new device.