Do you think strategy games should make some change?

Pay to Win has become one of the most popular tags in strategy games. So do you think strategy games should make some changes? :unsure:

We created a server which you can find under my avatar, members here think maybe we can do something to change the game mode of Pay to Win. If you have any ideas about this, come and join us!

Pay to win strategy? Can you give us some more info, please?

Oh!Of course!
Many people spend money on resources, speed up the construction of buildings, accelerate the soldiers’ training, strengthen the commander so that they can beat and plunder other players’ resources more easily. Players who are attacked lose resources, lose soldiers, spend more resources and time healing themselves. There are many players who lose the fun of the game after being robbed several times and delete the game. While Pay to Win is the way most games work, SLG games lose more players than any other genre.

Oh yes, I got it now. Losing resources and all other stuff you paid for is not good at all, and of course, that gamer will delete the game. I’m not playing this kind of game so I can’t tell you more but they have to change the way it is now.

We play games to develop the skills and there’s no fun without it. Why would you play games if you’re willing to pay lol ?
Pay to win strategy is tottly useless in term of enjoying and playing game