Do you think the PS5 is too big?

Honestly, I don’t know how I’m going to fit a PS5 onto my entertainment center, because it’s so darn big. The PS5 is considered to be the biggest console yet, and that’s saying a lot with the original Xbox and Xbox One. But the PS5 takes the cake easily.

Anyway, how do you guys plan to fit a PS5 into your home?

I think it is, but I’m okay with that. As much as I don’t really have the room, I will happily find a way to make room. Eventually I will figure out a solution on where to put it, but I’ll find a way. If I have to find scraps of wood to make a small table, I’ll do it. lol.

Just a little bit bigger than ps3.There’s an empty space for the external SSD which you can add. I am wonder to see how the slim version will look in around three years from now.

Well m2 drive isn’t a large one as compare to the USB flash drive. i am agree its look bigger than PS3 which bad for the size it may become hard to placing it.
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Sure, it is too big. And if the trend continues, they are only going to get bigger and bigger every day! To have that extra performance, they have no choice but to make the consoles bigger.

The bigger the better, I noticed the smaller they get, the easier they get damaged and unrepairable.

Big thing always give better performance and great experience. I think we should not go with the size, instead we should enjoy the game. There’s still many people here who can not afford this console.