Do you think yearly released games need to stop?

Games like Madden, NBA 2K, Call of Duty and more, come out in yearly installments, yet each year not many changes in any of these games. I think it’s time we as consumers make our voices heard and speak up about it. It’s clear that in this coming generation, these games aren’t changing to take advantage of said new-gen architecture. So why should we as consumers purchase these games when they’re just the same game with small improvements here and there. It’s not worth it.

What are your thoughts on the yearly released series? I mainly can’t stand how Madden does this. It’s quite annoying.

I don’t have a problem with the yearly released series, the problem is that they don’t improve that much within a year, and we have to pay again for almost the same game. They should have an option to upgrade the game for 40% off of the full price. That is my opinion, but maybe I’m wrong. Have no ?

I think yearly released games are run for the financial purpose. Unless that developer and the team is in financial crisis. i don’t see much value for the yearly release or even the DLCs. But these days they are making money through their sales and the passes type of the games. So they tend to charge the price per year with minor changes in the game.

It depends, some of this yearly video games offer updates and new experiences, some suffer from a lack of innovation and poor development. In cases where they lack innovation, i think the games could benefit from taking a year or two off. This would prevent the series from growing stale and give developers more time to perfect the gameplay.

I almost gave up on playing games because of how often they make new games, I was still on halo 1 but 2 came out the same year, followed by 3 almost 4 months after…what the ××××. They really need to put an end to it.