Does anyone else enjoy video game remixes?

So something I had gotten into a few years ago is video game music remixes. I really enjoy things you typically find on the GameChops channel on YouTube. One of my favorite albums on there is the Zelda LoFi mix. Really good stuff. Does anyone else enjoy this kind of music?

This is good, the mix is so chilled :slight_smile:

Sure, i love the remixes. But only if it is not so different from the originall. Zelda LoFi mix is good. I listen to it while doing my writing, it helps me concentrate. I love using white noise when i need to focus.

Sure, this one got my attention:

It takes you to a mental journey! Good for meditation or recharging after doing some hard thinking!

That is the one I was talking about. It has a nice flow to it. Very easy to just put it on and go about your business. You can work, study, exercise, clean, game, anything to this kind of music.