Does anyone like the old style pokemon or was pokemon sword your favorite?

Personally I like the old style pokemon games. I never was too much for open world and actually believed they may have possibly ruined pokemon when they created Pokemon Sword. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s a good game. I actually do like it a lot but in my personal opinion the older style was better like Lets go Pikachu for example. Lets go Pikachu was one of my favorite games of all time.

I’ve always been a big fan of the darkrai and deyoxes, i’d like to prefer the old style Pokémon. I played Pokémon sword i don’t think it worth to play since the graphics and the story is terrible

Yes I do as well. I’ve actually been getting into the Pokemon Trading Card game for PC recently. darkrai and deyoxes may be an actual tag team card I can’t remember. But Pokemon Sword wasn’t that fun in my opinion because it was too easy. Though it wasn’t terrible. My favorite game of all time so far is Pokemon Lets go Pikachu. I’m waiting for them to make another one like that. I actually think that they were planning on remaking pokemon diamond and pearl sometime soon.

I simple don’t like the majority added in the new pokemon. I seriously don’t get. I thought it would be easy but hard to maintain and understand the game

I liked the old school Pokemon games for the color game boys. I think Pokemon yellow was my favorite one. I remember it used to be very popular and lots of people would be talking about it. I never got into Pokemon Go.

I hate the 8 Bit pokemon games. I got tired of the series of those games. Modern graphics gives some justice to the game. I’d say that in near future 2D pokemon games are lot better. In fact modern android based pokemon games are lot better in the long run. So I’d definitely consider the new pokemon games in that context.