Does streaming a game take up a lot of power in the graphics card?

I want to stream more, and play games on my PC, but I’m afraid if my graphics card will hurt if I stream and game on the same PC. Would it be fine? I’ve been streaming lately and it works fine for the most part, but is there a way to check my graphic card temp. I’m so new to this and need all the help I can get.

That’s a good question. I think streaming a game from your PC, can take up some resources, but I don’t think it’d be on the level of whatever it is your streaming. Of course, you also have to consider other stuff you’re doing on your PC, like do you have multiple browsers open, programs, etc. Each thing open, takes up resources.

For those who are streaming, you need better internet connection. Graphics card has nothing to do much for the streaming. I have 3GB DDR4 and it streams just fine. So you don’t need DDR5 or higher capacity than that. It all depends on the internet connection for smoothly doing the streaming. Make sure to get rid of the background services as you stream because more of that consumption also affects your streaming.

Depends on the game, but online streaming games use a lot of CPU, I’d say as much CPU as a graphics processor.