DOS Based Prince of Persia

I remember the times of the old DOS based Prince of Persia game. I used to play it for hours. And it was fun playing the game. I also enjoyed the game because of it’s simple graphics. And completing the level was fun too. I know there seems to be many DOS based games came out like that but the old remains to be favorite even to date. I would definitely go back on this game.

Did you played old DOS based Prince of Persia game?

Damn its bring back some memories. I still remember when I watch my brother play this in 1990, I’ve waited 29 years to see what level 2 looks like ?

Haha. When I was kid my cousin used to play it on his black and white laptop and I was curious and never got to handle his laptop. It was a good experience for me. But got my hands pretty late on that game. I never played the game on black and white laptops. But it was something I got hands on eventually.

Lol… I could remember my friend game boy, it was all I wanted back then, if I could remember the only prince of Persia I played was on a psp…can’t really remember the other title, but the game was a blast