EA Play joining forces with Xbox Game Pass

This is pretty nifty news even if you’re not a fan of EA in general (I know, most people can’t stand EA). But, you can’t say this isn’t a great deal for gamers. EA Play will be joining the Xbox Game Pass library. On top of that, you won’t have to pay anything extra for EA Play, as it’ll be part of the Game Pass ultimate subscription.

This is a big deal in that it gives gamers so much more, for just $14.99 a month. Or you could do what I do and use Bing on everything so I can get xbl for free or get game pass even. :smiley:

Trailer ?:cool:


Yeah I agree, this is a big punch right into the face of Sony. They may have their own thing, but EA Play being a part of Game Pass is a big deal. That includes a lot of EA games. And hey, I wouldn’t mind playing some Madden soon.

But yeah, this is a big deal in that Xbox gamers have more options available to them.

When I playing my fifa 20 on the switch, I can’t score any goal man! And playing it on the ps4, I’m the best! I have no idea why, and I know how to play, damn.

This is big news for sure. Didn’t EA have their own streaming service for like $6 a month? They must be making a big commission by joining game pass. Hopefully they will be on the Playstations gaming service too.

Yeah I think playstation will join in the next few years. Gamers get ready to be intrigued. Lol