EA SPORTS or 2K Sports?

When it comes to sports games do you prefer buying games from EA Sports or 2K sports?
I grew up playing EA Sports games especially their NHL video games so I’m quite loyal to them.
I do think 2k Sports makes better basketball games though.
What company do you prefer?

Fifa fun here, so EA sports to the game ??

I tend to prefer 2K as they seem to be the less greedy ones, but in reality, both sides are overly greedy. Both companies are greedy in the sense they don’t care to perfect their yearly releases, and instead focus their time on microtransactions and all that jazz. If I had to choose one, it’d be 2K because of their vastly superior NFL game ESPN NFL 2K5. Thanks to EA, they had to buy the licensing rights for NFL games. :frowning:

Who do you play as on Fifa? Who is your team?

I don’t mind neither company they are both good for me. EA Sports seems to be the leader though as they have most of the licensing to each sport making video games.

Barcelona, all the time!

2K is the best because they modify quite the features, they create the graphics better also. Their games are a bit like the real thing. all EA games not seems to be good in graphics and in features and their games always look an equivalent

If only 2k sports can make hockey games again! It would be interesting to see how they make their hockey games.

Did you try this ?.

EA sports for sure. Started playing FIFA 10 & now prepared for 21 :wink:

Nice I see its available for pre-order!

I sure did! Although it was kind of fun I still prefer the EA Sports version as they are more realistic.

I haven’t involve with sports games from years however my sibling plays a considerable amount of FIFA and as I comprehend the greatest component that most players of the game need is programs updates. If you game gets older and not gaining any update then there will be no fun

Btw I think I cannot afford it to buy it now. Hoping for any discount in a few months or so.

You might be able to find it cheaper on eBay or a used game shop locally.

EA sports game all the way. I admit it, I suck at football games but I keep going back to FIFA 21, I just feel like I can get better.

I do adore EA more than 2k, the graphics are quite better, and FIFA series is the most popular gaming series.