Favorite Dog Bread?

I personally prefer German Shepard and Labrador . Fits perfectly according to house conditions

I personally prefer the German Shepard and Labrador too. Although this isn’t the only factor, I would consider while picking a puppy. I don’t mind choosing a mixed breed dog if my heart warms towards the pet.

I have just started developing a liking for pug dogs. A friend introduced them to me, he is doing an affiliate site on the same. The article he was doing made me fall in love with the pugs. I guess i will get one for myself.

Oh boy, I like German Shepard and Golden Retriever. Golden Retriever and Labrador are very similar dogs and at the same time also quite different in many respects.

Sure, the German shepherd seems to receive a lot of love from pet owners. It is among the top breeds out there.

I may not be a dog person , but whenever I find videos of dogs or puppies , they always bring a good change in my mood. I do find the Beagle breed cute.

Siberian Husky, They get along with people and do well in homes with multiple dogs.

Staffordshire bull terrier, a dog breed under the umbrella of pit bulls, they are loyal dogs that get along easily with people.

I prefer German Shepherd. They are very friendly and aggressive to enemy.