Favorite Donkey Kong Game?

What’s your favorite Donkey Kong game? I liked the Donkey Kong Country series for Super Nintendo the best.

The original Donkey Kong , I played that on GameBoy Station. Nostalgic!

My little brother has a Donkey Kong tropical freeze. He’s playing it all the time and as I can see it’s very interesting game.

Can I say all the Donkey Kong games? They are all very well made and its hard to choose the very best.

DK 64 was really cool. Man do I miss having a N64! The Donkey Kong Country series is good too.

Yes same as the OP, donkey kong country is one of my favorite games of all time. I played it on SNES when I was about 10. One of the best games I ever played for that time period. These days it would be boring but back then it was quite fun.

I simply begin playing this game. The First part is incredible however difficult to finish the level. The second part is additionally acceptable it has fascination of graphics particles especially in animal’s buddies haven’t beat it yet.