Favorite GTA part?

Since GTA contains many parts , which one you like and why?

GTA San Andreas straight away. It’s plot, graphics, all new features in it.

Mine has to be GTA Vice City & V.

Well , GTA III was an inspiration to the world of open world games. The way it was made , and written has to be still appreciated. Back in 2001, no one was expecting what GTA III had to offer , so it has to be my favourite of the series.

I love playing Grand Theft Auto Five, the only version in more specific. I love playing Team Deathmatches, Races, and other online jobs. It’s great that Rockstar allowed players to create online jobs using a creator menu. I also enjoy progressing my real estate, net worth, and assets in the multi player version.

GTA Liberty City Stories. Its the first game i ever played in GTA series and spend hours to playing it. I bought PSP just for it lol

GTA vice city and GTA v

I love to modify cars and park it to Michael’s house.

In spite of the fact that GTA is great innovation to the game industry , I personally don’t know how to drive vehicles on video games very well , but play sometimes to escape the pressures of life.

Actually hard to choose between Vice City and San Andreas. As I spent a huge amount of money playing SA. But Vice City was my first game at all so it’s very hard to choose :smiley:

GTA V premium edition and Vice City as it was my favourite game in childhood.

GTA VCS It was the first GTA game I beat. Nothing else really.