Favorite kind of tea?

There are lots of different flavoured teas. What flavour is your favorite tea? I really like English breakfast, Strawberry tea and Chai tea.

Green Tea. My old-time favorite without sugar.
Well, don’t go for it because of the perceived health benefits, i just genuinely enjoy the taste, aroma and everything about green tea.
I know its not everyone’s “cup of tea” :slight_smile: (pun intended)

Am a coffee person. But when i do tea, i prefer Black tea. With a lot of sugar.

Yes , of cranberry and pomegranate of Twinnings is the one that I adore.

My favorite has to be the British Milk Tea.

I like vanilla and camomile tea.

Green tea is also my favorite and the most healthiest of them all.

There is cranberry tea? I like cranberry juice so maybe I will like this flavor for tea too!

Green is my go-to flavor. I don’t mind black now and then but I prefer green and white over it. I usually just go for plain old green tea with nothing in it. I also do drink spearmint tea but not consistently.

Haven’t tried camomile tea. I should give it a shot this week.

I may be interested in checking out how vanilla tea tastes. Sounds interesting.

I like honeydew milk tea , also Lipton iced tea.

Any fruit tea is a good tea :slight_smile: and with honey inside.

I don’t really like Tea. I’m more of a coffee person. There are lots of different flavors to choose from, though. I really enjoy drinking Lipton Ice Tea as it’s sweet & refreshing while giving me a sugar boost.

I prefer fruit tea and Lipton. They are made from natural fruits, both helps to nourish the body, helps to improve body weakness, and also helps to fight against germs in the body system.

Lemongrass and fennel flavour of Twining’s Detox Tea, is the best for me.