Favorite PC game to play?

What is your favorite PC game to play? The game could be from years ago or more recently.
I remember growing up I would play Roller Coaster Tycoon a lot on the PC. I spent many hours playing that game.

Grand theft Auto Vice City from 2002, classic game with great gore :cool:

I think most people will probably choose any of the GTA games as their favorites. I have many friends who say this is their favorite game. It’s great it’s available for most platforms.

I’ve enjoyed every bit of Max Payne 2.

PC Only? Would be Among us at the moment, along with Civilization V and Terraria

I loved playing Bully on PC by Rockstar.

On PC , Watch Dogs 2 was a treat.

On PC COD ,OW ,Rb6 .

Am a fan of GTA vice city and Auto Chess. The latest release is just epic!

[COLOR=rgb(255, 255, 255)]WoW Classic and FFXIV

I did play football manager on my phone then vice city when I was growing up.

Need for Speed Rivals was the game I loved the most in racing games. In third person, action games I loved Hitman Absolution.

I loved Hitman Absolution as well , it showed how dangerous can Hitman be if intervened.

Dota 2 and CSGO. Top tier pc games.

I used to love playing League of Legends–played it for more than four years, actually. I was heavily invested in its e-sports and really dug myself deep by buying a lot of skins and such haha. I just quit the game around late last year though. Idk if it’s because I got older and my taste for games have changed but I rarely play multiplayer games now (except Monster Hunter Rise). I also played a lot of Fortnite before it became a meme, like around back when streamers like Tfue and Ninja emerged.

Gta V is the best game to play especially for adults. Everything from the missions to just observing the world around you, the game is an amazingly fun package.