Favorite pizza?

We all love to have pizza especially at events. What is your favorite kind of pizza?
I’m never too picky when it comes to pizza but meat lovers always is my preference!

My favorite, Margherita!!

With fresh mozzarella :smiley:

pepperoni/cheese pizza ?

My favorite ?

i love grilled chicken pizza bbq add barbeque sauce Yummy ?

I like cheese stacked on top of cheese on my homemade pizzas such as the mixed 6 Italian cheese packs with Mexican cheese mix and pepperoni.

My favorite type of Pizza is Little Caesars. I love their $5 pizzas, they taste so good. I also have a love for frozen pizza, like Jacks self rising. Lately their pizza has been extra doughy and I love it.

I’m a simple man, so I will eat just about any type of pizza.

Chili cheese

Oh, my favorite pizza is with the seafood on the top. shrimps, mussels, clamps, calamari

That sounds like some interesting pizza! I really like Hawaiian pizza! Ham and Pineapples!

I like the Chicken Alfredo pizza from Pizza Hut as I’m a big fan of the pasta Alfredo.

The one with veggies.

I like pretty much every pizza type.

I like pretty much every pizza that there is. Moreover, my favorite restaurant for eating this food would be Pizza Hut. I love their lunchtime special for all you can eat buffet for £7. It’s just a shame that they’ve been closed during this covid-19 situation.

I love Pepperoni Pizza from Dominoes , it’s soft and smoky.

Dynamite pizza from Dominoes.

Most times when i order for pizza, i prefer half and half of pepperoni pizza and meat pizza, those are my favourite

My favorite type of pizza is Margherita! I just like it a lot! Also, I like home made ?

Chicken pizza more like Margherita