Favorite planet?

What’s your favorite planet in our galaxy? Earth doesn’t count. For me it would be mars for the chocolate bars ?

I always liked the planet Saturn maybe its because of the fancy rings around it. It does look spectacular.

saturn is so pretty

Its my own earth where me and my girl friend ( My console ) lives lol and i hate to discuss about other stars.

I like Jupiter the most , it’s enormous , isn’t it?

I didn’t like science or planets.

I didn’t get the question tho but still I’d say Neptune is cool , scientifically too.

It would probably have to be Earth. I’ve never actually visited another planet, and Earth is the only place I’ve lived on. I’m not able to give an opinion based on the facts presented to me. But from sight, my favorite would be the sun. Even though it’s hot, I love the vibrant warm colors that it has to offer.

The planet which God has chosen for us to live , Earth. Every other planet is beautiful apparently.

I was on Mars with Elon Musk a few weeks ago and all I can say, it’s beautiful! :slight_smile: We left the Tesla car there and a couple of beers.

I will sure go with Saturn! It has a ring on it!! The ring just makes it look a little bit more unique that the other planets.

The only planet suitable to stay for human being according to geography study is earth. Other planets are not cool to stay for human beings.

I would have loved to live in Jupiter but that can only exist in my imagination.

Another planet will be the sun lol that’s if I am the sun myself but I still love planet earth, here I can do things which I might not be able to in other planet.

I agree with you and have not gone to any of this planet before expect earth

I like how Saturn looks , those rings around it are breathtaking.