Favorite restaurant?

What is your favorite restaurant that you like to eat at the most? I have so many but I must say that the Olive Garden is my favorite they make Italian food.

Believe it or not, my favorite restaurant is when I make dinner by myself ?
So let’s start with the menu

Risotto with scampi
Fish soup
Grilled Branzino
Red wine
Pancakes with wine souce

That’s it. Enjoy your food ?

lots of but two top on list

1.Red Chilli
2.Food mechanic

here is mine

1.polo bar
2.quality Eats
3.Via Carota

I love eating out at restaurants (sadly not so much anymore because of the pandemic) but I still like to order in once in while.

My top 3 would be:

  1. Swiss Chalet
  2. Moxie’s
  3. Boston Pizza

We must have the same favorite restaurant! Have you tried their Fettuccine Chicken Alfredo? I always get that when I go there. I also like the spaghetti factory.

Nando’s , without a doubt.

I’d say Taco Bell if it’s considered as a restaurant.

I enjoy Nandos.

Your question is tough to answer; there are so many restaurants I like. If I had to pick only one, it would most likely be Taco Bell. They’re cheesy topped fries are the best, with extra nacho cheese. The company’s unlimited soda refill policy is something I really enjoy too.

There’s a restaurant near my house named “Rhode Island” and they that had the best sushi.

My parents made me get addicted to KFC. I’m now a KFC die hard. Initially i was a fan of McDonalds.

Cafe Santorini is a perfect place to fill in my empty stomach here in Pasadena.

My favorite restaurant is a Chinese restaurant called China Lee

Do you actually consider KFC & McDonalds as restaurants?

I would say Ranchers and Monal.

I like mixed and grills restaurant. There, I used to buy fried rice with chicken. And if there is a family party, we take order from the restaurant. Almost everybody in my area love to eat from the restaurant.

I think mixed grills restaurant is a fantastic restaurant, have ate there some couple of times and there food was yummy, especially there chicken

I like Arabian restaurants , I love having myself lasagne.