Fighting Games (Megathread)

Do you guys like fighting games? If so, what is your favorite fighting game and what is your main? My favorite fighting game is Streets fighter alpha 3 and my main is Ryu, but I also like to play with Ken and akuma. I also like the X-Men Vs Street Fighter and the Darkstalker series… my main in the Darkstalker is Lord raptor and in the X-Men Vs Street Fighter I like to use ken or ryu with wolverine.

Of course, I like fighting games, and actually I am playing dad or alive 6 with my favorite character Tina, she is hot bro :slight_smile: But also the street fighter is still a very good game and my favorite there is Ryu.

Mortal Kombat was my favourite, I lost interest in fighting game a long time ago. I find my fulfilment in adventure games.