Have you ever gone fishing before? Do you like to fish? What’s the biggest fish that you caught?

I once caught legendary gar with my uncle it was 41 lbs. It took 15 mints to pull him out

The only fish I caught were small trout but it was still fun and cool to know that I actually caught a fish.

Honestly, I’ve never been to fishing but won’t mind one day.

I would love to fish oneday , but on the other hand I find it cruel as well.

I enjoy fishing but don’t like hunting.

Sure, have done finishing. Though not so often. The largest I caught was a Tilapia. Took a while before i made my first catch.

I love Sea Fishing. It’s peaceful, gives me time to unwind & allows me to enjoy nature and the surroundings. A few years ago, my biggest catch was in Cuba, where I caught a Tuna & barracuda deep sea.

That was a hell of a catch! How long did it take before you make such a catch? Plus seems your lake is “blessed”!

Damn, that is a heavy one! You must have had a very strong fishing rod!

I find fishing as a difficult hobby to have , and also it requires a lot of effort.

I love fishing but really don’t like to eat.

I don’t like fishing, am having phobia for deep water bodies.

I do have phobia for deep water before, but I learnt to over come it, my uncle always force me to go and swim doing his leisure time

Honestly speaking, I have strong distaste to the smell of the sea around the fishing corner.

I like fishing, I often go with my dad to caught the fishes. I am expert on it. Sometimes we sell them in the market and sometimes we ate it