For which game have you been waiting the most?

For me, I’ve been waiting for GTA VI but was wondering that what are you guys waiting for?

I am waiting for CyberPunk 2077 to come out. It’s suppose to come out next month hopefully. It was suppose to be out a few times already but they keep pushing back the date.

Same here; I’ve been waiting for GTA VI for well over seven years now. I’m wondering when it’s going to be released; we are well overdue another version. The issue is, as future gen consoles get developed, Grand Theft Auto Five will slowly die…

So, it’s within their interest to publish version six.

For me, I am desperately waiting for Uncharted V right after I finished the fourth part.

I once waited for GTA 5 but now it is out and right now am waiting for an extended version of COD modern warefare, that’s if it is ever made.