Fortnite or Minecraft

just saying but i feel like that i like Minecraft and fortnite i will give fortnite 10/10 because i think the game is fun to play with and mineraft is like a 9/10 because my friends dont have java edition mineraft

Fortnite is my favorite too :slight_smile: I used to play Minecraft java edition but not anymore.


I go with Minecraft
I used to play Forninte when it came out but later i stop playing it just because of some dumb updates. Seriously we lose all the old areas and we got wired guns. Minecraft is still refreshing even they update it but still its worth to play.Fortninte or Minecraft

Minecraft java edition is my favorite one. I am playing fortnite too but minecraft is on the top of my list. Playing with custom modules is cool bro :slight_smile:

Mine craft is good in term of community all the people are there is like a family and treat good with you While the fortnite is good in term of graphics but have worst community people often abuse each other with bad words this game is now become 18+

Minecraft appears to be a kids game but fortnite can be played. It is a good game with many characters and skins.

Fortnite is a good game but ruined by childeren (or childish people)