Game development, have you thought about it?

After playing the games for years, I have been thinking about making games and learn and share my knowledge about it. But so far just started and nothing big made so far out of it. I guess in near future I may consider making the game but as of now just learning my way around code and design.

Have you thought about game development?

That is a nice idea! I never think about that but now I would like to know how to start with game development? Is there any tutorial about how to start, what software to use?

It never crossed my mind, but now that you’ve mentioned it, I will look into some online classes or check YouTube for some videos

You can use GDevelop. It is one of the simple software to use and learn. It is also free of cost and can export the game to windows or android or ios if you want.

There’s many role in the games development like Designing, programming, art and music. The main thing is marketing and people often get failed on it. We have to find out our strength what you are good at.