Games that are hard and tough to play

Do you have some games in your mind which you played and feel that they’re made to be hard and tough to beat ?
For me its Dark Souls, its hard for me but since its the nature of the game so i have to learn it and grip my hands on it

What are some other games you can think of?

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ROM-hack Zelda Goddess Of Wisdom. It was designed to not be beaten.

You can watch the tutorial on YouTube and then find out how to play and beat the enemy. I often do it whenever i fell hard to beat the boss

Well its not about the watching the videos/tutorial on the YouTube, its all about your skills and the practice and the grip on the game. You can only watch the technique to beat the boss but you have to use your skills to follow the technique isn’t ?

Dark soul isn’t hard enough, its tough the first play through, but after that it becomes easy.

I am agree with your point, this game is so satisfying to play that I have put more time into it that most other video games

Did you play ? Trap Adventure 2. Its the most hard game to be played must check

You can add Bloodborne to the list being that it’s developed by the same company that developed Dark Souls - FromSoftware Inc.

I find Ghosts 'n Goblins very hard to play. In fact, I had to stop playing the game at some point but later got back to playing it all over again.

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@Ja-sa-bong I have never really played that game Ghosts 'n Goblins even though I have come across it on more than one occasion. How long have you been playing it?

I have played the game for at least 3 years now but still find it very difficult to beat most stages in it. It’s very frustrating for me.

Wow, 3 years is too long for me keep forcing to beat any game. I would have moved on from the game to another one by now.

I have really considered quiting the game but to lose that number of years in playing the game and still didn’t complete it is making hard for me to drop it.

I know that most of the games when you play at the highest level of difficulty, it’s always going to be frustrating to get past the game without being hard for you.

So, I decided to try out Bloodborne today and it was one crazy difficult game where the enemies wouldn’t allow you to rest and think till they have killed you :joy:.