Games you play to relax?

Is there any game you used to play for relaxation. Sports, puzzle, or any adventure game ? What games help you to relax during a tough or long day

I mostly play Oddmar for relaxation. It’s simple game and does not have much stress to it. Though some of the time such games are not only fun but can get you in the mood to play when you are kind of tired and don’t feel like playing game. Oddmar being mobile game it’s fun to play often. I play it during the weekends most of the time.

Definitely Minecraft, any edition :slight_smile:

The mining part in Minecraft gives me relaxing

I used to play Breath of the Wild for relaxation, its feel me like i am walking around the nature. When i start this game i never do anything with urgency.

I second Breath of the Wild. It’s just a really serene, peaceful game.

Most times when i want to relax i pay soccer games either fifa or pes on ps4.

I love playing the Alto’s Odyssey. It is one of the simple, relaxing and visually rich game worth playing.

Don’t have games that keeps me relax on my Xbox, I just play candy crush on my phone to make me feel relax and think of how to pass through a difficult stage on “quake 4”

I love to play Archwar:Heroes and Demons.This is quite an interesting game and many characters in this game.

Check the game out at:…e1Tech.Archwar

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I am wonder how this game helps you for relaxation. I had played that game and its full of lags and errors. My game got damage in the battle and i lost all of my points