Gamestop doing a contest with Tik-Tok where winners wins more work

This is too funny not to share. So according to this site here - wccftech Gamestop is planning a dancing contest through Tik-tok where the winners will win some prizes, like an $100 VISA gift card, Echo 8, an Echo Auto and of course, 10 additional overtime hours. So the prize is more work, lol. I am not lying when I say this. Read the article above for the proof.

And just to think, Gamestop had some great news lately, now they’re back to being their usual selves. lol

Haha wow! Of course Gamestop would do yet another stupid thing. Makes sense for them though at this rate, they can’t get anything right. But yeah, I can’t see this being worth anyone’s time to do. Do they even think store managers will partake? Working for gamestop along is a pain, and now with win some cheap prizes, you want me to dance? lol, no thanks.

Yeah, the rich guys think that they can buy everything with their money. Shame on you GameStop, you are my preferred store but now I’m not gonna renew my yearly subscription.

That’s Gamestop for ya. They don’t care about their employees. They only care about dem profits. The fact that they even add that to a contest is just idiotic on so many levels. I don’t get how they think this is acceptable. Don’t the Gamestop employees pretty much win hours on black friday no matter what? I’d imagine so.

Ek. Tik-Tok. You may as well just wear a tracking device and tell China about your day openly. LOL People don’t know anything about privacy and yet there are people who do and just look to profit off of someone else profiting off of them. This is just so bad and cringy man.