Gaming on 15'' or 17'' laptop screen?

I have recently purchased the 17 inch screen laptop. And my experience with such laptop has changed the way I look at the screen for gaming. I find bigger screens as a better experience compared to the small screens. And another thing is that gaming with such type of screens kind of improves your experience too. So I prefer higher screens even for laptop now.

What is your experience with screens for laptop?

There is nothing wrong with playing games on a 15" laptop, but playing on a 17" is a much better experience. I had a chance to play GTA on my friends 17" laptop screen, it is much more expensive than 15" but it is worth it.

Oh boy, a 17" laptop is a beast. If I have to choose between 15 and 17 I would rather have the bigger one.

My HP Notebook is of 15 inches, I play low end games on it.

Yes the low end gaming is good with the 15 inches. The real beast is indeed 17 inches. And the thing is that if you have the option then definitely go for the higher resolution. I think even the 17 inch display is good for the graphics too.

Well if you’ve to do gaming on a 15 inch laptop then I’ll prefer you to get an Ipad instead.

Usually one enjoys on playing on large screen laptops, but they’d cost you big time when they are the gaming one’s. For single player games 15 inch is a wise choice, the necessary thing is that system requirements must match for use to enjoy your game with high fps.

Yes, that’s making some sense now.