Gaming Snacks

What kind of snacks do you like to have when you play video games? Sometimes I’ll have gummy candies, chips, pizza, etc.

sour candy is my fav

I try not to have snacks when I’m gaming because I don’t want my messy fingers to be touching my controllers.

I never eat while playing. Just take a break and eat something bro ?

Yes its not recommended to snack while your gaming. Especially having any kind of drink. You might accidently hit your cup and spill your drink over your controller/keyboard and wreck it.

Either I take snacks before or after gaming. Dr. Pepper with Doritos is the combo to count on.

Dr Pepper of cherry and vanilla with Cheetos.

I like the Original Pringles most.

Haribos , Pringles , Doritos , add them all in the list.

I’m not the type of person to eat snacks while gaming. I worry that the crumbs/liquid will spill & damage my electrical gadgets. It’s not worth the risk - I’m not wanting to replace or book a repair, it’s too much money!

No snacks at all while playing bro. I wanna concentrate on games and also I dont want my PC to get dirty :slight_smile:

I usually eat some chips or sandwich while playing games