Getting annoyed with myself

I have been playing PC games since a long time and I am an experienced gamer. I have played and completed many classics (Half life, Half life 2, Mafia 2002, Star Wars Jedi outcast, Jedi academy, Bioshock, Portal 2, FEAR etc.) as well as modern games (Dishonored 2,GTA 5, Mad max, Tomb raider, Outer world’s, Assassins creed, Far cry, Control etc.).

In slime rancher, there is a puzzle where we have to open the ancient ruins gate. I wasn’t able to solve the puzzle and I raged quit. I was so disappointed with myself that I wasn’t able to solve this small puzzle that was so simple. (I later looked upon a walk-through). Believe me, I have solved many hard puzzles in games all by myself. But, when I wasn’t able to solve this small puzzle, I have began to doubt my abilities as a gamer. I consider this as my biggest gaming failure. I have beaten 50 plus games and have played many more. But, now a days I have started to get annoyed with myself because I wasn’t able to solve this puzzle in Slime rancher, had no clue to unlock characters like Rex, Acrid, Mercenary etc. in Risk of rain 2 (I again searched YouTube for it). Not able to solve ancient ruins puzzle triggered something in me- It is making me think of small small things I wasn’t able to identify in video games like Hidden Vortiguant cave in Half life 2, I wasn’t not knowing that red laser beams were walkable in Jedi outcast (Bespin undercity level). Also, I am accidently coming across spoilers in video games like reading user reviews in steam, watching some game reviews etc.) that make me doubt my credibility. I feel so disappointed that why I wasn’t able to solve such a simple puzzle in Slime rancher. It has triggered negative emotions in gaming for me. I played Slime rancher 6 months ago and raged quit. But, still I think of it? Is it normal? Or have I become a bad gamer?. Do you all have any such game memories where you got angry with yourself and used a walk-through? Please share your thoughts.

You’re good bro, don’t be so hard to yourself. Just take a break!

@Lion18 Taking a break is something that’s very important in the life of any gamer especially when the frustration builds up to the brim. A time off the game is definitely going to be helpful.

Rage quit is the last thing that I’m going to do when it comes to the games that I purchased with my money. If it gets that bad for me, I let it go.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s only kids that do rage quit in playing their video games because one thing I know that’s certain is that they all still come back to the game.