Give us Undead Nightmare 2 (Red Dead Redemption 2)

I love the Red Dead Redemption series, but I also have a fond spot for the Undead Nightmare that came out with the original RDR years ago. I played the Undead Nightmare like crazy back when it first came out. When RDR2 came out, I had high hopes they would do a new Undead Nightmare, but sadly, it looks like they’re not going to do that. I just wish they would, as the Undead Nightmare was one of my favorite DLC purchases ever.

But, Rockstar has to Rockstar and not release any story based DLC, which means we probably will never see a sequel to the Undead Nightmare DLC. :frowning:

Do you hope they make UN2? If they can bring it to the online mode, I’ll take it, I just want more zombies in this universe.

The Red Dead Redemption is great but like you say its nothing like the old Undead Nightmare. I would buy UN2 for sure if they make one.

I won’t mind getting the UN 2, but i don’t see any ads or promise of the un2