Giveaway and contest board

Hello guys what do you think about add giveaway and contest board please share your view what do you think??

We are working on giveaway, probably in a month or two. And, its gonna be interested.

A contest board would be better but can you tell what’s on your mind? What kind of contest you want to be here ?

We gonna start with the Raffles soon. Its gonna be fun.

Nice looking forward to those raffles and thats a great idea! prizes can be something like a Steam gift card or something like that.

Yes that is the plan. ?

I support this idea. But it should be done in moderation. So that we don’t have a flood of people who just come in to win the top prize and don’t care about the quality of the posts. Sometimes giving incentives reduces the quality of posts in a forum. But if it is implemented well with a keep eye on the quality, it will work fine. Contest are a fun way of stirring things up. Plus, this is a gamers’ forum, there is need for some forums games for us!

I agree 100% with you @bomb
Any giveaway or contest should be well done moderated. We already have Raffles installed, but I am still thinking about how to proceed. I wanna do it right the first time.

True, take your time to think through it. Borrow lessons from some successful implementations. I have seen some forums having enviable traffic and activity during the contest period. And soon after the contest is over, the graph just sharply goes down! This is not good for google ranking, as the algorithms will think you cheated! Sometimes “God’s speed” is good. Just growing organically.