God of War: Ragnarok

The PlayStation showcase had a lot to share, and finally we got some news on a sequel in the new God of War: Ragnarok. If you played the recent reboot of God of War, you know you’re in for a treat with this upcoming sequel. I’m am super hyped to get my grips into this game. Is this a day one buy?


The trailer was awesome and that’s the only game I’ve been waiting for.

The game is supposed to be released last year but it was delayed to be released this year. I hope it doesn’t get delayed again.

@Kylo What’s the official release date of the game? I didn’t get to follow up on the updates with regards to its release. I hope it comes out sooner than later.

I read in an article about it today that it’s more likely to be a released around the month of September 2022. It’s not from official channel though.

Seriously, I really hope that it comes out by that time because I’m getting agitated with the delays, let it not be like Cyberpunk 2077.

Definitely, it’s not going to be like Cyberpunk 2077, as they have a good track record with how they made the game series for a while now.

If they mess it up like Cyberpunk 2077 was messed up, it’s going to be their failure and loss of fans as well as the millions of dollars they are likely to make from the game’s sales.

A friend of mine is asking if it’s possible to pre order the game as of right now but I’m not sure about that yet. Does anyone have an idea?

I think that it’s still very possible for you to pre order God of War Ragnarok as it’s not yet released. It’s once the game is out, then pre order is off the table.