GTA 6 Be Announced??

Nah, if GTA 6 was announced, it’d be by Rockstar’s hands not by anyone else. I think we’re a ways off for a new GTA to be honest. I think maybe by 2022 we’ll get a new GTA. I think they’re going to wait a bit for the new gen consoles to be out before they make another one. Plus, they’re doing GTA V again for the new consoles. So they’re probably focusing on them.

i think fake news

I too think its fake news as I haven’t heard about it from anywhere that is legit. It’d be cool though to see a GTA 6 in the future!

Not yet, but I’ve been waiting to hear the news or update from the official Rockstar’s medium.

There is nothing definitive that’s been confirmed by the gaming firm or official, reliable sources. So, I am reluctant to listen to anything, which is a conspiracy theory of when the release of GTA VI is. Only time will tell.

It’s all speculations about the game , however Rockstar didn’t bring anything official in the case of GTA VI.

Looks fake to me , Rockstar has no plan of launching GTA 6 right now

A lot of speculation and a lot of news and ads we don’t have anything to show for it as of now. I guess we just have to wait and see how the GTA 6 maybe but honestly i don’t have much hopes since I have seen how cyberpunk went.

I haven’t gotten time to play GTA 5, but I have seen the graphics, it’s cool and existing. I remembered reading about the GTA6 online, they made mention of the game been released middle of 2021