GTA San Andreas VS GTA Vice City ?

I love the animation and the colors of vice city more of course it has better graphics SA but VC looks great o_O

Gta vice city no train no go kart no swimming but good story

Ah you’re missing out by not including GTA III among the list. You can’t not include it. Anyway I suppose if you want to choose between these two. I think San Andreas wins it for me, mainly because of how much stuff you could do.

Vice City though, had the better story. It’s hard to pick which one had the best soundtrack though.

GTA III deserves some rep though. It’s what brought GTA into the 3D world and it’s what made me a fan of the series to begin with. GTA III’s protagonist isn’t great though, he never speaks, which always bugged me. That’s why I was so glad Vice City gave us a protagonist that actually speaks. But yeah, GTA III is still a great game.

Both , I’d say because of the time when they were released , they were ahead of it respectively.

I enjoyed both but San Andreas was truly revolutionary for me at the time with the ability to gain/lose weight, romance etc.

The improvements in GTA SA changed the face of open world games forever.

GTA San Andreas.