What are your plans for Halloween this year? Are you going to celebrate it even with the pandemic? Many people here say they wont celebrate Halloween this year and I am one of those people :slight_smile:

Of course i will celebrate. But in a very small way. Just me and my family in the backyard. No going out and having the fun we have been enjoying in the past years. I have just heard the news of the first re-infection of the virus. And i wouldn’t want to be part of the statistics.

Well, I will surely celebrate Halloween. The pandemic has taught us a lesson. That we should really cut down the guest list to the bare minimum. That’s exactly what we will do this year. No walking outside the whole night! Actually, we’re considering doing it within our backyard and inviting a couple of friends.

I’ll celebrate it with a few family members. I’ll wear with an alien costume.

I will celebrate it with safety precautions. Trick or Treat?

I’ll celebrate it with my squad of 4 members. I’ll be The Nun.

I’m relying on young people to use their common sense when knocking at people’s doors. I’m planning to celebrate with safety precautions. Although, due to government guidance, we are only allowed up to six people indoors at one time! No parties then!

Hopefully, Christmas won’t be canceled too.

This is the way to go actually. Just as small team. Inhouse. That way you can be sure of your safety. I recommend some indoors board games to top it up.

I spent it with few of my friends as the Doppler Effect , was trying to copy Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory.

I was sick unfortunately during the Halloween days , so what I did was watching The Extraction alongside my family.

I’ll celebrate it with my friends because you don’t know if you can celebrate Halloween next year

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there is no more plandemic, so this year we gonna have a lot of fun :slight_smile: I can’t wait bro :slight_smile: