Hardest hike you have ever done?

What is the hardest hike you have ever done? For me it was a hike called Crypt lake. It was a very steep incline and near the top you had to crawl through a 60ft tunnel and some other challeneges then at the top of the mountain there were 3 beautiful lakes.

That sounds like a good hike! For me I cant remember the name of the hike it was a long time ago. It took about 10 hours total to do. It was tough but good.

The hardest hike I ever did (and it’s in no comparison to most people) is a hike up Crowder’s mountain. The hike actually isn’t that bad but I was out of shape at the time and it wasn’t as easy as it looked. Took quite a toll on me by the time I reached the top.

I don’t really do hikes but I go on easy walks theres a lot of nice easy walks here by the river or in the forest.

I’ve once visited the Colorado trails, and they weren’t easy to hike.

I’ve been to the Yosemite National Park. Well, it wasn’t easy to hike there.

I am afraid of heights so hiking is not my cup of tea.

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa. This was epic. I wouldn’t mind doing it again post-pandemic.

Then you are missing a lot bro. You should concur your fears by slowly doing some small challenges.
My best hike was Banji Jumping. I still freak when i think about it. But it was fun. I almost peed myself!

Well said bruv! Bungee jumping is the best way to get rid of height fear.

Nice idea for those who are not fond of high heights.