Has anyone tried the new GTX 3080 ?

I was wondering how many people own the new gtx 3080 here , Is there a major difference in performance or not?

Well no, Its so expensive in my area and i can not afford it. I’d like to wait till the price goes down

I haven’t tried it and i dont think i will try it any time soon. They are so damn expensive to buy and import to my country. It is almost the price of a PS5 console!! We get it at $699 minus shipment. If you include shipment cost of like $99, it is just not practical.

I have to sell my kidney in order to buy it, LOL just kidding. I haven’t tried it yet due to its high price and my salary isn’t enough to manage it. I may buy it in future but presently i am out of budget

Same here , I will try next year if I manage to save money for a new Pc including this gpu.

If FSR is decent it may give your 1080ti a pretty decent boost to hold you over until the gpu market is better