Has there ever been a game you hated, but later changed your mind on?

I think one game that I first hated and then ended up really enjoying later on, was The Sims 3. I remember playing the first 10 minutes, setting up my character, and then I just dropped out of it. I later picked it up a year later when I ran out of games to play, and wow am I glad I did. I had a blast with this game, played it for hours on end.

I have wanted to try my hand at the sims 4, but I hear it’s a mess with DLC packs, when they should have just released all of that in the base game. But EA gotta make that cash. So, I’ve stuck with just 3 and haven’t looked back or forward. :smiley:

Anyway, what is a game you thought you hated, but it later turned out to be good when you played it again?

Minecraft. I tried playing it on the Xbox 360 around the time it came out way back when. It was a free trial. I thought, why not? I played it for maybe 5 minutes before saying to myself “how can people play this crap?” and uninstalling the demo. A year later I was addicted to the game on PC lol

Yeh it was Mame32. I still remember my brother bought this game for me. It was an emulator with hug games. I was unable to find the control which makes me anger and decide to delete it. Then i tried to explore more and dig hard to find the controls ( at that time there was no internet connection ). Later i found out the controls. You have to press TAB button for control options.
I played al most all games on it and its make me addicts

It has to be Red Alert 2 , I couldn’t get familiar with the game initially , so I started disliking the game , but as I begin to understand the rules , I realised how good the game was.

At first Tekken seemed to be a boring game but then I developed my interest when my younger brother bought PS 4. Once I started playing with him, I started to like Tekken specially the character King.