Have you ever invested in Crypto?

Have you ever invested in Crypto? Well I’ve invested some in DOGE coins , what about you?

Yes , I’ve around 17 MTL and a few Litecoins.

MTL is somewhat dead now but Litecoin has a future in my opinion.

what do u say? should i invest lol

I think that we all should invest some money into crypto. Personally, I have ETH that I am mining with my GPU.

Me too bro, I stopped playing the games for now. My PC is mining as crazy! Eth is gonna skyrocket soon. Wanna get few more GPUs asap.

We should all invest in cryptocurrency, at least something.

Investing in crypto isn’t the easy task. You can lost all your money in one night i think its all depends on the luck i’ve never take interest in crypto since its a risky way to double your money