Have you ever sold?

Have you ever sold any of your gaming consoles or games? Sometimes I use the local website Kijiji (its like ebay) to sell games or buy used games. I have never sold one of my consoles though.

I haven’t sold any of my consoles yet, didn’t need to to be honest.

I am using ebay to buy used games, but I never sold any game. I am giving them for free. I mean if I don’t need them anymore and I am not gonna get rich from selling them, so I rather give it for free.

That is true. Usually when we sell games we should sell them for half the price we bought it for but when you do sell them atleast you are getting some money back. It’s always nice though to give a game away for free to a friend or something like that.

I sold my original Wii to help pay for the Wii U when I hot that console. I was happily surprised someone bought my Wii. I did not think anyone would.

Sold my gameboy back in the '90s as at a vintage shop. I wish i hadn’t but they were offering a price i couldn’t resist. Now over a decade down the line, the same console is worth thousand of bucks!! Argh! I was just dumb!

Yes, I do sale my PS4 games that go old with time.

Yes , I’ve sold my XBox 360 back in 2015.

Never, because I have only digital copies, and that is a problem.

I am trying to sell my OW account on Players Auction. You can check it .


Never sold a game console before but I have bought from a friend.