Have you purchased any SSDs for your PS5 and Xbox consoles?

The Xbox Series X and I think S allow for expandable storage with SSD slots. But the PS5 is a bit tougher, as I don’t think they have an easy way to access the SSD slot. I don’t have a PS5 yet. I did hear they recently released an update to make it easier to upgrade your storage.

Anyway, have you added any further storage to either console? Has it been an easy process?

I never tried, but I know that Sony enabled the SSD upgrade in the PS5. Shouldn’t be a problem to upgrade it bro.

Well, no I’ve never purchased any SSD for my PS5. The only reason is I don’t enough money for that. I have already spent all of my money to buy the Play Station 5. Maybe in future, i may purchase it, but not now