Hollow Knight

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Hollow knight is a fun 2d game that came out in 2017. It’s full of action and adventure as you go through twisted caverns and things like that. It’s available on Steam.

I saw some trailer of hollow knight and thinking to buy this game but i need some reviews. Does it worth my money and fun to play ?

Of course you won’t regreat to buy this. Its a really good and challenging and with 3 free Downloadable Content. with this price. It has good music and my final boss theme is my favorite one

Yea I would say go for it @James if you don’t mind spending money on it. The 3 free downloadable contents makes it worth it in my opinion.

I bought it already and now i am stopped playing it after enjoying it 12 hours. Seemed like too much of a chore i love its graphics and the gaming style

Ah that’s cool and 12 hours straight? Thats a lot of time lol but I’m sure it was fun! What made it seem like it was too much of a chore?

I bought this game for my daughter last year. She’s is playing it on the switch. It’s solid game.

Nice! Sounds like she is really enjoying the game!

Some people on here already shared their reviews on it but I think you can probably find more reviews about the game on Google or YouTube.

Honestly, one of my favorite games of all time.