Horror Anime

Each year many manga and anime gets released and very few of them get into the head and makes us feel like thats the one show. I think a lot of such shows are harder to find. I have my own personal collection of anime based on genre that I have sorted. And I am in search of new horror anime. So asking you for the advice in that regard.

Which are some of the horror anime worth checking out?

another, junji ito collection, serial experiments lain, tpn, the future diary, parasyte, monster

Resident evil anime and starship, these are the two I can really say scared the hell out of me.

Teito Monogatari is the best horror movies for adult. I’ll prefer Doomed Megalopolis again , it’s got its moments for sure.

Go with “Higurashi no naku koro ni”. Its the extreme horror anime to watch.
P.S Never watch it if you’re alone cuz after some time you won’t feel you’re alone