How big is your TV?

We all have TVs. Some have 3 0r 4 and others (like me) only have 1.
What is the make of your TV and how big is it?

I have an RCA 32 inch tv. It’s quite old but still works.

I’ve one Panasonic LCD of 32 inches and one LG Smart LED of 49 inches.

I’ve a Samsung Smart LED TV which is of 32 inches.

I’ve a Sony Bravia 52 inch LED on which I use my console.

Mine is a 49 Inch Samsung 4K TV. I bought the television many years ago from John Lewis, and it’s still in perfect working order. I can watch Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube & catch up too.

I have a 52 inch, LG Smart TV. But am thinking to upgrade to 4K before PS5 is released in my country.

I’ve a Sony Bravia 42 inches smart LED TV on which I’ve connected my console.

I love Samsung product also, but it is quite expensive over here.

I’ve a 49 inch LED smart TV of LG, it does not supports 4k, but the picture quality is quite good.

I’ve a 65 inch TCL LED , it is a smart TV.

I have 60 inch Smart TV, i used to spent my time by watching movies on it. Its a good TV in all format.

I’m fairly certain it’s a 32" Walker. Doesn’t get used much because I do everything from the computer and I’m not too into using a TV for a monitor.