How Did You Find

About mine my friend recommended this site and it’s awesome (y) how did you find guys??

I found on a promotion forum. I am glad I signed up! This community is a real friendly place.

@AllGamers told me about his forum and since I like to play video games I thought why not sign up here and join in the fun?

I found on a twitter. I really like this forum (y)

My cousin is so into games , he was the one who shared this website with me.

My friends were discussing about this website when I came to know about it as well.

From a very dear friend of mine.

Was referred by a friend from another forum. Found the design and the interaction was cool. So I chose to stay longer.

Gamernyc referred me from a webmaster promotional platform. After discovering allgamerstalk, the design and interaction immediately caught my attention, so I decided to sign up. I’m hoping to be apart of the successful journey that the board is heading towards.

I searched for gaming forums on google

A friend of mine who works on gaming forums recommended me this forum , and I must say , what a great recommendation.

I just Google video gaming forums, and this one seems good for me :slight_smile: I’m not active a lot but I’m glad to be here with you guys!

My best friend recommended this. A great recommendation.

My younger brother recommended me this . What a compelling site.